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Passione per la vinificazione

Azienda Agricola Scarabelli

At the beginning of the last century, the grandfather of the current owners, with a great love for his land, started to cultivate his vineyards on the beautiful hills surrounding his estate

The Scarabelli farm has existed for over 100 years on the hills of the municipality of Alta Val Tidone.

After decades, Scarabelli has proven to be a family-run company capable of keeping intact - over time - the high quality of the wines produced, thanks to the harmony found between the most modern technologies and the typical tradition of the Italian wine culture.

For the Scarabelli farm, making wine is an art, a passion, a style and a reason for living.

In 2015 he decided to develop the the vinification, through the purchase of a company in the nearby municipality of Ziano. Finally, since 2016, the Scarabelli Company has also been passionate about growing barley, starting the production of three types of craft beers, made carefully selecting malts, hops and all raw materials.

Once again, the finished product embodies the love for the fruits of their land and passion for agriculture.

Passione per la vinificazione
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